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It’s been awhile since I posted anything, but we’ve been busy over here! Caleb became a big brother again in March.

Big brother Caleb

Big brother Caleb (glasses broken)

While others with blepharophimosis have family history that can be traced through many generations, we do not. Caleb is the only one in our family with special eyes.
In June, Caleb graduated from preschool and turned five years old! He is a creative, passionate boy with lots of energy. Although he is usually loud and boisterous, he does have moments where he is thoughtful and gentle with his siblings. He loves building with Lego, colouring, drawing, creating things with paper, and acting out scenarios with his toys. His big interests in the past year were dinosaurs, trains, and The Lion King. Caleb continues to impress us with his ability to read and spell; he seems to have learned a lot on his own and has an excellent memory. Caleb’s mind is always racing ­— he’s a thinker and a dreamer, asks lots of questions, and has a wonderful imagination.

Happy 5th birthday, Caleb!

Happy 5th birthday, Caleb!

Caleb had another uneventful check up at Children’s Hospital in late August. His visual development is on par with typical 5-year olds. Dr. Lyons was pleased with his progress. Funny moment: Dr. Lyons confirmed that Caleb’s vision was great for his age and that he would be able to drive in the future (I never even considered that might be an issue!) Caleb perked up and said, “I get to drive now?!” Um… no, you’re going to have to wait at least 11 years.Dr. Lyons did suggest something that was rather interesting… that in the future, we might want to consider glasses with larger lenses for cosmetic reason. Because Caleb is far-sighted the contour of his glasses lenses would magnify his eye size. But since Caleb is half-Chinese, most people don’t seem to notice his eye size anyway.

And hurray: No change to his glasses prescription! Glasses and their associated issues seem to plague our family: broken/bent frames, lost lenses, new prescriptions shortly after replacing lost lenses, etc. There were a few months that, between Caleb and his older brother M (who wears glasses for far-sightedness), we were seeing the optician so often he should have been in our family photo.

On Tuesday Caleb started kindergarten! Wow, I can’t believe my little guy is in school. He’s loving it!

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One Comment on “New and notable”

  1. Puchest Says:

    Hello, my name is Pu and live in Thailand.I have a son that has the same eye as your son. Now my son is 6 years old. He has an appointment with the doctor to undergo surgery. I am a bit worry about what will happen after that. Could you give me any advise or something that I should know about.Thanks in advance.

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