doing well

IMG_3420Caleb had a regular check up with the ophthalmologist at Children’s Hospital on Wednesday last week. First stop was a vision test with an extremely personable gal. Caleb was tested at 20/25 vision which is typical for a child his age and depth perception, etc. Next stop, the ophthalmologist, Dr. Lyons. Dr. Lyons said that Caleb is doing really well. His visual development continues to be typical for his age. No need for any kind of surgery at this point.

Dr. Lyons was concerned that his right eye seemed to be on the verge of lazy eye so he recommended daily patching of Caleb’s strong left eye for a couple of hours a day. Caleb picked out some fun adhesive eye patches and has been quite excited to wear them and show them off. Usually we do the patching at home, but one day we were at the ball field where Caleb’s older brother M was playing baseball and pretty much everyone we encountered asked about the eye patch. Caleb didn’t seem to care, but it reminded me of Caleb’s eyelid taping days where I would have to keep repeating myself (which was really more annoying than anything else because I kept explaining the same thing over!) Next check up is in 6 months — a good sign that all is well.

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2 Comments on “doing well”

  1. jennamadda Says:

    Hi elaine it’s jenn Shimborske…I emailed and commented before as my 5 year old daughter also has blepharomyosis and went through patching about 2 years ago. It seems to have worked as she no longer needs it! She also had the cute adhesive patches and eventually we bought felt patches that fit onto the glasses as they were softer and reuse able! Would love to catch up further sometime! Evelyn is getting ready to start kindergarten in the fall and is doing great!

  2. jenn Says:

    Hi Elaine! It’s Jenn from Toledo, Ohio and my daughter also has blepharomphimosis. I had commented before and was excited that you’ve posted again. Evelyn also was patched, about 2 years ago(she’s now 5). We started with those adhesive patches and then switched to a felt patch that’s softer and reusable. It helped as she no longer needs patching! I love seeing Caleb’s progress and pictures! Evelyn, too has such an amazing personality and brings us so much joy! She will begin kindergarten in the fall.

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