I was reminded how small Caleb’s eyes are over the past day as he has been without his glasses. We had to drop them off yesterday so new lenses could be put in; we were supposed to pick them up today, but didn’t receive a call from the optician. He looks so different without his glasses on and seeing him like this makes think more about things such as, “Can he see well enough?” And the doer personality in me wonders, “Should we be doing anything else to help him?” But somehow our adaptable little guy just carried on with his day. I have to trust that the specialists know what they are doing.

We got a lot more questions and double takes while Caleb has been without his glasses; people usually see his glasses and don’t really notice his small eyes. Got a couple of questions about whether or not he’ll learn to open his eyes more and the typical, whether or not he can see.

Side note: I guess we must shop at the produce store a lot… even the cashier asked what happened to Caleb’s glasses! 🙂

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